Allure Brilliant – 40494000
Grohe Allure Brilliant - 40494000

Grohe Allure Brilliant – 40494000

Code : 40 494 000

Type: Soap Dispenser

Product description

Allure Brilliant
Holder with soap dispenser
material: glass / metal
filling quantity 150 ml
concealed fastening
GROHE StarLight chrome finish


With its crisp planes, intriguing angles and cut-out
details, Allure Brilliant illustrates the absolute precision
that can only be achieved through years of experience
and an unfaltering passion for innovation. Complex
without being complicated, faceted taps add a new
dimension to bathroom design and a new dimension to
water. With its gem-like quality and structured shape,
GROHE Allure Brilliant exudes architectural appeal. Our
designers and engineers have taken on the role of
lapidaries, refining and polishing with utmost care to
create a collection of intriguing designs, which will
challenge your perception of bathroom fittings.


Grohe Allure Brilliant - 40494000